01/04/18 Version 3.1.2

Fix Unicode bug in HARC datasets

01/02/18 Version 3.1.1

Fix user screen matching

01/01/18 Version 3.1.0

Download/export network data to tab-delimited format instead of JSON.

Update HIPPIE dataset (v2.1, 07/18/17) and HHPID (September 2017)

09/21/16 Version 3.0.5

Update to latest HHPID dataset (August 2016)

09/18/16 Version 3.0.4

Update to latest HIPPIE dataset (v2.0, 06/24/16), and latest Uniprotkb (2016_08)

09/21/15 Version 3.0.3

Fix scoring for interactions with no pubmed ids.

09/20/15 Version 3.0.2

Fix query bug that excluded some HIPPIE interactions from search results.

09/16/15 Version 3.0.1

Updated to latest HIPPIE dataset (09/11/15).

09/07/15 Version 3.0.0

Replaced Java viewer with Javascript.

01/13/14 Version 2.1

Updated to latest HIPPIE dataset (10/11/13).

08/20/12 Version 2.0

HIPPIE human interaction database replaces individual databases. Predicted datasets no longer supported. Normalization of databases for improved search results.

12/21/11 Version 1.03

HARC Proteomics HEK and HARC Proteomics Jurkat datasets added, MINT and VirusMINT datasets separated.

01/31/11 Version 1.02

Several Bugfixes

04/13/10 Version 1.01

Includes CORUM database as optional binding dataset. CORUM contains curated human complexes. Inclusion of CORUM highlights complexes visually in the network diagrams and reveals additional subunits. Note that for purposes of illustration, CORUM complexes are shown with interactions between all subunits, even though in many cases not all subunits in a complex form binary interactions.

Includes three new HIV proteomic profiling screens (Chan, Chan and Ringrose)

Improvements to user-uploaded data: nodes are now tagged and numbered to indicate which dataset they are from.